5 Outdoor Activities for March in Camden

reading time Estimated read time:  • March 20, 2023

1. Walk to the Curtis Island Lookout.


In the summer, we love getting out on the water and soaking in views of the Camden Hills and Curtis Island Lighthouse. While it's still a bit chilly to set sail, you can still enjoy some fresh air and a gorgeous view of the lighthouse. Just a few minutes walk from downtown Camden, you can enjoy the lighthouse from a viewpoint at the intersection of Bayview Street and Beacon Ave. The short path through the woods is marked by a hand-painted sign (Curtis Lighthouse Overlook) nailed to a tree.

2. Sauna and Swim!


Maine winters are long and cold, and March is decidedly not yet spring. Growing in popularity, saunas and cold plunges are one way to reduce stress, increase energy levels, and boost your mood. Just the ingredients needed to make it to spring! We love Native Sauna's mobile options.

3. Round the Mountain trail or Ski at the Snowbowl.


March is unpredictable! It can provide both some of the best ski days, and also some sunny bluebird days that remind us that summer is near. Head to the Camden Snow Bowl for some turns, or walk the Round the Mountain trail for some movement and vitamin D.

4. Birding on Beech Hill Preserve


The Penobscot Bay views from the top of Beech Hill are sublime, but did you know the preserve is also an important bird habitat? The blueberry hill is home to 141 bird species, including eastern towhees, savannah sparrows and northern harriers. Bring your binoculars and a picnic lunch from Bleeker and Greer!

5. Check out the Garden's Aglow mini installation on the Lyman Morse boardwalk.


The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are known for their stunning blooms all summer, and festive light displays in the winter. A small Garden Aglow is currently installed on the Lyman-Morse Boardwalk. Enjoy the magic after dark, and stop into Salt Wharf for dinner.

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